Privacy Policy

As our valued customers and visitors of, your PRIVACY is assured with our highly encrypted system. We are committed to protecting your privacy and not to disclose such to any person or individual without your consent .

Be it known now that this company will assure you the following privacy terms as users of this website.

1. This website collects identifying information of the sort will keep your log in user and commented IP addresses. Those who engage in transactions with this website is asked to provide additional information, including as necessary the personal and financial information required to process those transactions. Personal information may be known to us but will never be used for any malicious intents of in any ways that will harm your privacy.

2. All the information like gender, name, email, age, employment, income and others will be strictly held confidential and no third party can utilized those information. The website operates globally and your data will be processed in our office; but your information will never be disclosed unless authorized and dictated by law and when the Terms of Use needs to be enforced.

3. Cookies are used not to spy on you but for the development of our website services as well as for monitoring of our website’s performance.

4. This policy is valid even if this website is acquired by another company.

5. Your continued use of this website implies that you are amenable to the privacy terms and modifications herein will be done without prior notice.