Hot Should Your Hot Water Be

How high should you set the temperature of your water heater? The answer, obviously, is that it depends upon how you use your hot water. Still, understanding the advantages that different settings supply can help you better determine which setting best fulfills your needs.

Hot enough for you? The first question to ask is if you are having troubles with your current setting. Are your showers hot as you would like? Would you run from hot water too quickly? About scalding kids or yourself or, have you been constantly antsy?

You need to try to save a bit of money and if everything looks fine, then have a look at the present setting, note the temperature, and then lower it. Repeat the process until it’s on the lowest, if it continues to fit the bill.

If you are having issues with the water cold enough or are running out of hot water, just do the exact same procedure but increase it in increments of five degrees.

Hot Water 3

By The Numbers

From a safety perspective, the lower the temperature, the better.

– 120 Degrees: this temperature is adequate for most needs. It may feel inadequate for handwashing dishes, though it is good for dishwashers (which include a heating element). This may not be too high for the tastes, if you need a steamy shower.

– 130 Degrees: Typically, this really is the maximum you should must set a water heater that is certainly big enough for the hot water consumption of your home. It is sufficient for handwashing dishes and provides enough punch for a steamy shower. (It’ll scald grownups in about 30 seconds).

– 140 Degrees: Based on the Shriners Hosptials for Children’s web site, it takes only 5 seconds of exposure to 140 degree water to scald skin – because they have thinner skin and children scald quicker. (Children under 5 will be scalded in half the time).

You likely have difficulties that you are trying to compensate for by upping the temperature if you find that you’re still running out of hot water at 140 degrees. Consult with a plumber and have an inspection done. If your hot water heater is old, it may just have a build up of sediment that’s decreasing your accessible way to obtain hot water. And if your hot water heater is just too small, you can avoid spending money in the long-run by purchasing a larger one and running it -setting

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